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The policy of random verification of orders

Due to an increase in instances of VPS orders being used for illegal activities such as malware and botnet controllers, our company is compelled to implement a policy of selective scrutiny of dubious orders to protect our networks and law-abiding clients from issues.

For obvious reasons, we will not disclose the exact criteria for selecting orders that require verification, and it's not merely because of the provision of fictitious names. We have analyzed nearly all problematic clients and identified common characteristics that will necessitate us to request a mobile phone number and a photo of an ID document to confirm identity, or other proof that you are a reputable client, not a cybercriminal. For instance, you may provide a link to your profile on a popular forum, or an existing client may vouch for you. Essentially, we do not need your personal information; we only require confirmation of your good intentions.

If you happen to receive an email requiring verification, simply provide a clear photo of your identification document against our website's main page, displaying the emblem and your name, surname, and picture, and provide your mobile phone number in international format. We do not need your document number or other personal information – you can obscure these in any graphics editor. Following verification, your document copies will be promptly deleted, and we assure complete confidentiality.

Should you decline to provide identity verification information, we reserve the right to block the order. In such instances, a refund is only possible to a wallet possessing a personal WebMoney certificate (as demanded by the WebMoney system for payment aggregators). If you paid via a payment aggregator like Interkassa, a refund can only be made to those payment systems that the payment aggregator allows for fund withdrawal. IMPORTANT: When processing a refund, a commission fee of 15% for QIWI and 10% for other payment systems will be deducted. For payments in cryptocurrency, refunds are possible only after submitting a written request and undergoing KYC identification.

We reserve the right to delete orders from the system if verification information is not provided within 72 hours of the request.

By ordering a VPS, you ticked the box indicating that you have read and agreed to our terms and conditions under a public offer. If our security policy does not satisfy you, please refrain from ordering.

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