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The policy of random verification of orders

Due to the increasing number of cases of ordering VPS for illegal purposes (malware, botnet controllers, etc.), our company is forced to announce a policy of random testing of questionable orders to protect its networks and respectable clients from problems. 

We will not describe the principle of determination of orders that will require verification, but it won’t be entering a fictitious name or surname. We have analyzed almost all problem customers and have identified common reasons for asking a mobile phone number and a photo of the document confirming the identity, or other evidence confirming that you are an adequate customer with a good reputation, not a cybercriminal. For example, you can provide a link to your profile on a popular forum, or you can vouch for any of the existing customers (in fact, we do not need your personal data, but only a confirmation of your good intentions).

If you have suddenly received an email about the need for verification, you should just send a clear photo of the document which identifies you in the background of the main page of our site, where you can see the print, your name, surname and photo, and enter your mobile number in international format. We do not need the document number and other personal information — you can paint them in any graphical editor. After verification, your copies of the documents will be immediately deleted and we guarantee their complete confidentiality. Moreover, you can later change your data in the client panel to any other, as they are completely uninteresting. 

If you do not want to disclose your personal data, then provide a link to your profile on one of the popular forums or provide other evidence of your good reputation and be sure to tell us honestly the purpose why you need a VPS or inform about the possibility to leave a deposit in the system equal to 3 months of rent services. We value honesty and openness and respond in the same way. If the purposes of your use go against our rules and principles, you will lose nothing; we will make a refund and will give each other time.

In case of refusal to provide personal verification information, we reserve the right to block the order. Refund possible to same payment accoount. Refund fee 15% for QIWI and 10% for all others payment gateways.

We reserve the right to delete orders from the system if the verification of information has not been provided within 72 hours after the request.

When ordering VPS, you should put a tick stating that you have read and confirmed our terms and conditions on the rights of the public offer. If our security policy does not suit you, just refrain from ordering or contact us to discuss individual conditions, as we will not accept claims only because you do not read the rules and place an order violating them. Any claims and disputes can be settled exclusively in the course of judicial proceedings.

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