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[IMPORTANT] Terms and conditions of use of dedicated servers and VPS

Terms of Use between customer and 3NТ Sоlutiоns (trademark Inferno Solutions)

Each time you use or cause access to this web site, you agree to be bound by these Terms of use, as amended from time to time with or without notice to you. In addition, if you are using a particular service on this web site or accessed via this web site, you will be subject to any rules or guidelines applicable to those services, and they will be incorporated by reference within these Terms of use. Please read the site's Privacy policy, which is incorporated within these Terms of use by reference.

Strictly prohibited! Violation of these rules leads to immediate blocking of the service without refund:

- Any intentional email spam (both outgoing and incoming), except for cases when your server was hacked.

- Viruses, exploits, botnets and redirects to sites containing viruses and exploits, except for cases when your server was hacked.

- Child pornography, incest, porn with animals, as well as sites with models who look younger than 18.

- Theft and fraud.

- Fraudulent sites, as well as redirects to such sites

- Carding and everything which is connected with it.

- Scanning of networks or ports, brute force, vulnerability scan, and other similar activity

- Hacking into government (and not only) organizations and executive bodies, except for cases when your server was hacked.

- Any activity that can lead to IP blacklisting (SpamHaus, StopForumSpam, SpamCop, Blocklist, anti-virus databases and any other blacklisting), except for cases when your server was hacked.

- Conduction of "testing" DDoS and other attacks on your server, which can create problems for other clients, as well as the organization of DDoS attacks with rented servers.

 We reserve the right to block such clients immediately (including accounts registered under other names)!

The fine for unlocking services in case of such complaints can range from 50$ to 250$!

It is also forbidden and may become a reason for immediate blocking:

- Online pharmacies with illegal pharmaceuticals

- Sale of spices, smoking mixtures and other narcotic and psychotropic substances

For VPS only: organization of public VPN services without the consent of the hosting administration

- TOR exit nodes

VPS only: cryptocurrency mining

- Replica sites / stores for the sale of copies of watches, bags, clothing, etc. 

- Copyright & trademark infringement

- Proxy projects through our servers

- Use of our servers/VPS for Anti-DDoS protection of third-party projects (not hosted on our servers / VPS) by proxy / tunneling traffic

- Violation of the laws of the country in which your server/VPS is

- Adding and use of IP addresses that do not belong to you. In case of detection of such abuses, we immediately block the server and impose a fine of $ 500 to$1000

- Any other activities that may cause material or reputation damage to our company

Only for VPS:

- Accommodation of traffic generating scripts, sites and other resources (audio/video streaming, file storage and so on)

- Excess of the established maximum load on the channel on a constant basis.

Permissible constant network load for VPS:

Lite rate: up to 10Mbit/s

Start rate: up to 15Mbit/s

Medium rate: up to 20Mbit/s

Premium rate: up to 50Mbit/s

Elite rate: up to 100Mbit/s

For VPS in Asia, Oceania, and Middle East (Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, UAE, Australia):
For plan Lite: 5 Mbit/s, network bandwidth limit 1000GB/month, over-usage price $0.01 per 1GB
For plan  Start: 10 Mbit/s, network bandwidth limit 2000GB/month, over-usage price $0.01 per 1GB
For plan  Medium: 20 Mbit/s
For plan  Premium: 30 Mbit/s
For plan  Elite: 40 Mbit/s
For plan  Exclusive: 50 Mbit/s

Note: we do not limit the channel when setting the VPS to these values, by default your VPS can use the maximum channel width of the head server, such as 1Gbit/s.

We reserve the right to limit the channel to the above values only in case of persistent abuse or if abuse causes problems for other customers.

If we speak about PROMO rates, then the maximum permissible load is divided by 2. That is, if the maximum permissible load for Premium tariff is 30Mbit/s, then for Premium - PROMO - 30/2=15Mbit/s. 

Example 1: Medium Rate. Every day from 18 to 22 hours your site witnesses the maximum peak of attendance and the load on the channel increases from the standard 10Mbit/s to 40Mbit/s. There will be no sanctions from our part for such a temporary increase.

Example 2: Lite Rate. Every day, for several days/weeks we see a constant load on the channel of more than 5Mbit / s. Depending on the total load on the main server channel, we may decide to force a limit of up to 5Mbit/s, after which we will notify you.

 It is important: If your VPS creates problems for other users (powerful DDoS attacks, excessive load on the channel and disk subsystem, etc.), then we reserve the right to limit the load or refuse to provide services at any time and offer a move to a dedicated server in order to ensure stable and uninterrupted operation of other customers. It is better sometimes to refuse one client for the sake of peace and stability of the rest.

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