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Regulations of server management

Our company offers three types of administration to choose from for customers who have paid for the service "Dedicated server" or "Virtual server" (VPS), as well for those who have ordered the control panel (ISPManager / DirectAdmin/VestaCP/CPanel):


- Free administration

- Priority administration

- Advanced / VIP administration


In case of free administration, we offer almost a full range of services for the support and administration of servers and VPS purchased from us based on Linux.

Administration does not apply to Windows systems.

Free administration does not apply to NL3-10 (SPECIAL), RU-5 (SPECIAL) rates and is paid separately when ordering the service.


The list of free administration services includes:

- response time to ticket up to 45 minutes, the solution of problems in turn

- initial installation and setup of OS according to the requirements of the client (specified in the note to the order)

- reinstallation of the system if necessary

- updating of the OS on demand of the client, or on a personal initiative, if necessary

- installation and updating of the kernel on demand, or on a personal initiative, if necessary

- installation of the control panel (select DirectAdmin/ISPManager/VestaCP/CPanel (your license))

- installation of the main services (php, ftp, apache, mySQL, etc.), as well as those specified in the note to the order

- assistance in troubleshooting problems and their causes in the amount of minimum required for their diagnosis and correction

- necessary changes to the configuration files of the services, changing the system settings

- setting up of data backup if necessary (ftp/rsync, etc.).)

- reset of passwords when they are lost (free for Linux systems only)

- basic optimization of the server / VPS for the needs of the client (load analysis, installation of necessary accelerators, tuning services)

- installation of additional modules and extensions for services (php, apache, perl)

- anti-virus scanning of the server at the request of the client

- transfer of websites from other hosting providers

- transfer of websites from the servers on VPS or vice versa

- reboot on demand

- various consultations at the discretion of our specialists

- a number of other services at the discretion of our specialists

- adding of a server to the on-demand monitoring system


The list of services for priority administration includes all the same as in the free administration,

with the exception of a faster response to problems during working hours-up (to 15 minutes).


The list of advanced administration services includes

- response to requests within 5 minutes, solving problems without queues and delays

- all services of priority administration

- monitoring of system performance and a more subtle optimization when needed

- analysis of system log files to find and fix problems and their causes

- ensuring of the security of your server if necessary (firewall)

- providing of basic (software) protection against ddos attacks (only for dedicated servers)

- installation and configuration of backup systems

- installation and configuration of VPN

- installation and configuration of Jabber

- installation and configuration of monitoring systems

- installation and configuration of anti-virus scanning

- installation and configuration of other client SOFTWARE by agreement

- application of the base software updates recommended by the manufacturer for safety reasons (hotfixes) if necessary


You can also order any services from the list of advanced administration separately.

The cost can be agreed with managers through the ticket system (section "Billing").

The cost of paid administration is $ 35 for 1 hour, but not less than$ 15 per appeal.

The cost of reinstallation of the operating system if your server is without the panel and administration is $ 35 (cost 1 hour of administration).

The cost of connection of KVM - $ 35 for 2 hours

It is important: free basic administration applies only to servers with an installed control panel (ISPManager/DirectAdmin/VestaCP/CPanel/CWP), the installation and configuration of which was carried out by specialists of our company. We may refuse to solve problems on servers where the configuration was performed by third-party specialists.


We also do not perform work that leads to a change in the standard operation of the control panel (custom web server settings, custom virtual host templates), as this may lead to irreversible consequences in the future and the right to refuse to administer the server on which such settings have already been made, which differ from the standard functionality of the control panel, as in these cases we cannot guarantee the correct and stable operation of the server.


It is important: if you use SSD VPS, you may refuse administration services only on a permanent basis. After that, the administration will be provided only at the rates described in the rules - $ 35 for 1 hour of work, but not less than $15 for administration will be carried out by clients or their personal administrators.


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